The Talent – Meet a Few of Our Writers

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Marie Gail “MG” Stratford, co-owner and editor-in-chief

Marie Gail comes to web content writing with a full writing résumé. Her experience includes several years of writing web content as well as proficiency in academic and creative writing. Her voice is professional but warm, and her expertise includes product descriptions, content for insurance companies, health and wellness information, fashion content, travel blogs and reviews, promotional materials and press releases for charities, content for general contractors, and education information.

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Conja Summerlin, co-owner and writer

Conja brings a wide vocabulary and a quick wit to her content writing. She has written academic papers on world-famous composers as well as humorous content about the history of alcoholic beverages. Her expertise includes music reviews, history, program notes, food and beverage reviews, finance and economics, and creative neighborhood descriptions. Additionally, she is adept at explaining technology-related information to lay audiences.

Todd Foltz, writer

Todd Foltz brings a balanced, journalistic view layered on top of a jaded sense of humor to his web content customers. An experienced journalist, Todd especially enjoys writing about current events, music, history and animals. He also has experience writing press releases as well as product descriptions for everything from auto parts to fine art. He has worked extensively with charitable organizations across the country and enjoys raising awareness for causes that make a difference in the lives of others—both human and feline.

A Brief History of Complete Picture Content, LLC

A decade ago, founders Marie Gail Stratford and Conja Summerlin wouldn’t have believed that today they would be successful small business owners. Even in 2011, when the seeds for Complete Picture Content were first planted, their primary goal was to make a livable income. After a series of job losses, Marie Gail chose to actively pursue her dream of becoming a paid writer. Beginning with HubPages and continuing at a few different content mills, she was soon earning a small income.

Conja also produced some work for content mills. Shortly, she and Marie Gail realized that the rapid turnaround required by most subcontractors was unsustainable. The two also identified issues with the proofreading and editing of content produced for these large companies. As time went on, they became aware of a widespread need for better communication between content writers and clients. Over the next few years, the two conceptualized the idea of a web content company that pays fair, sustainable wages and provides a higher quality product for affordable prices.

In 2014, Complete Picture Content was born. Marie Gail began actively soliciting local business, and she and Conja launched CPC with a holiday open house in December. No one came. The next day, however, an email arrived from one of the businesses Marie Gail had invited to the event. Orders began pouring in. On January 15, 2015, the company incorporated as Complete Picture Content, LLC. The two owners have since partnered with other writers from across the country and are poised to help companies of any size from any industry with online content.