Articles for print or online publication are available at set, individual pricing, starting at $25. Simply provide CPC with any necessary information and research. We’ll provide the content quickly and professionally.

Original Webpage Content

Billed in the same way as single articles, original webpage content from CPC starts at only $25. Consultation is provided for any customers requesting content for an entire website (four pages minimum), and discounts are available for large orders.


Our writers specialize in ghost writing blogs for small business owners who don’t have time to maintain a blog but want the added online traffic that regular blog posts can generate. Available as a recurring order or as a prewritten blog series, blogs are also priced like single articles. Customers ordering at least $250 worth of blogs will receive a free one-hour consultation with an author or account manager.

Single Article Pricing

Up to 250 words $25.00
300 to 350 words $30.00
400 to 450 words $40.00
500 to 550 words $50.00
600 to 650 words $60.00
700 to 750 words $70.00
800 to 850 words $80.00

Single articles over 850 words will be billed on a per-article basis.

Single article pricing does not include consultation or follow-up support.

Research for all articles must be provided by the client. Any additional research required for completion of an article will be billed at hourly rates.

Social Media Updates

Perfect for busy small-business owners, social media updates from Complete Picture Content provide a framework for your social networking. You’ll still need to add photos of events and interact with clients, but our Facebook and Twitter packages, starting as low as $125, will help you maintain an online presence even when your schedule is tight.

Email Blasts

Stay in touch with supporters, clients and customers using formatted email blasts from CPC. Email blasts up to 400 words in length are only $50, and you can save by purchasing sets of 6 or 12 pre-written emails.

Product Descriptions

Although they are an essential part of any e-commerce site, product descriptions can be tedious to compose. Let us do the work for you. Discounts are available for bulk orders. Product descriptions over 200 words are billed at single-article pricing.

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All pricing may be subject to change.